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I started this blog as a way to keep in touch with family and friends while I taught English in Okinawa.  
My last post was in February of 2010--right before I got engaged and Ben deployed.  I didn't keep up with posts because I was doing anything and everything except sitting home and thinking.  Or sitting home and writing.  
I took up karate.  Tennis lessons.  Japanese lessons.  Exploring Okinawa.  Going to baseball games and yelling things in Japanese that I didn't understand.  Walking my cat. You get the point.  
Hit fastforward and Ben came home in December. I moved home in March of 2011. We got married in August. I moved to South Carolina in September, and here we are at our 1 year anniversary...don't have a picture to share yet since our anniversary is August 13th. But will fo'sho have one as soon as we are back from..........Ben-please fill in the blank!! They won't tell me, they promise!  :)

So! As you can read by clicking on About, I am starting the blog back up and going to post every few days/weeks/hopefullynotmonths/Ireallyhopenotyears about what is going on in our 'trying to eat and live toxic free' lives.
And we've got major changes to make.  Can't wait to see how it turns out!

yelling things in Japanese
her classic 'low crawl' move

reunion at Okinawa airport

I moved home in March of 2011.
shocked to see all my friends and family at
what I thought was my sister's birthday party

surreal moment


  1. LOL someone listened to me with starting the blog ;)

    1. Yea-between you and Ben both I figured, what the heck!!