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Have you ever had one of these months?!

It all started with our tortilla maker.  We made a handful of tortillas when we did the marathon cooking, and then it just decided not to turn back on.

Our slow cooker--which we *loved*--will not stay on!! Last month, I came home from being out all day and expected to walk into a house filled with the smell of yummy pasta sauce, but the slow cooker had somehow turned off.  I turned it back on and it was fine.  Well now it won't stay on for longer than 5 mintues.  I've read a handful of the 1 star reviews on Amazon and it seems that a lot of people have this problem.

Our washer broke the week I came home from church camp.  Yes, I came home with dirty, stinky clothes from camp and our washing machine would not spin or empty water.  Thankfully the owner of our home quickly ordered us a new one.  [Sidenote: The new one got delivered just moments before we had friends show up for lunch. And all that water that wouldn't empty finally did get emptied from the washer, all over our laundry room floor.]

disapproving look because of the smell from the old laundry water that got spilled.  thank you, other friend, for not caring. :)

You're not going to believe this...yes, the immersion blender.  Last night as I was turning tomatoes into marinara sauce, the blade stopped spinning and I didn't realize it, which made the motor work really hard and get really hot, which made something inside of it melt.  When I pulled the attachment off there was hot goo dripping out of it.

Have you ever had one of these months?!

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  1. i'm sorry about your month but THAT picture is priceless. you know me, i didn't care about the smell at all. but our other "friend," i just don't know... ;)