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3 months and already walking!

3 months and already walking!

Ok...well not quite...but my BIG guy is really making some serious strides!  So are Nicole and I.  Here's what we've learned...

- Parenting is tag-team...She pumps, I clean pump gear.  I change Jack, she makes him smile.  She washes diapers, I stuff diapers.  I try to get Jack down for a nap, she gets Jack down for a nap!  Without her, things like this happen...
- I'm soft...Before Jack was born it had been 12 years since I tasted my own tears...
- Proud takes on a new meaning...This feeling I get when Jack does even the most mundane thing is incredible.
- He's watching me...At 3 months he may not remember the example I set but it won't be long!
- Sometimes what worries us turns out to be a strength...I remember asking Nicole what about being a Mother worried her most.  Her answer: Patience and composure.  In 3 months, I'd say patience and composure are two of Nicole's greatest strengths.  Her calmness and devotion to Jack inspire me.
- We are builders...Every day we are building our family.  We are building up our baby boy and we are building up each other.  Happy 3 months Jack.


30 Days of Thankful: Day 4

Don't ask what happened to days 2 & was a crazy weekend.
Thankful for the most supportive, handsome, sincere, loving, thoughtful, humble, hardworking, faith driven husband. You guys, I didn't just try to think of a bunch of words that sound nice. No, these are all areas of life that Ben truly excels in. Especially the handsome one. He's really good at that.


30 Days of Thankful: Day 1

Thankful for this very hungry caterpillar. His sweet chubby cheeks. And his big brown eyes. Also thankful for the way he sucks his bottom lip, how he loves to make spit bubbles, and the excitement in his face when he hears and sees us first thing in the morning.