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Pure chaos

Last week, Ben and I had a conversation that went something like this:
Me: Guess what we are going to do Saturday?
Ben: What?
Me: Well, I found this blog...
Ben: (winces)
Me: It gives you a grocery store list and all the recipes/instructions to cook all of your meals for a month in 1 day!! 
Ben: Ummm,(starting to sweat and looking very nervous) oookay.
I know, our lives are pretty exciting. 
I wish I could say we actually succeeded, but we came so close!
It was pure kitchen chaos. We started the morning at the farmer's market getting as much as we could there, and the rest at the grocery store.  And then spent the entire day chopping, dicing, mixing, and freezing.  The exciting part about it is that for the rest of the month, all we have to do is pull a meal out of the freezer and throw it in the oven.  And so far, the meals we've had have been awesome!  In order to finish all of the cooking in a day, I would highly recommend doing the grocery shopping and some of the prepping the day before.
The blog is and we did the 'whole foods' menu.
Let me just say, I am very happy we are celebrating Ben's birthday this weekend and not chopping, dicing, mixing, and freezing.

What are ya'll doing this weekend?
most of the groceries that we used in 1 day

grating. so. much. grating.

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