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"See you laters" are always so hard....

I know, I know...I just came back! And now I'm leaving.  But don't you worry, I will be back.  Again.
Ben is sending me to church camp today.  He says I need to learn to be more churchy. So he's sending me away, for 6 days! 
Juuuust kiiiiidding (about the 'sending me away' part)!  But I am going to be a leader for a high school church camp, and yes--we are leaving today!! 
I'm sure I will have a lot of fun stories to share when I get back on Saturday, if only you'll be patient.  I'm going to try to eat as healthy as possible, which means I packed a lot of food and I don't even know if that's allowed.  Already breaking the rules! 

See ya'll Saturday!


  1. haha! if there was a LIKE button in this, i'd totally click on it! and i didn't read this until i got back, so it made me smile. love you and SO glad we got to share the experience together!

  2. I had nooo idea what I was getting myself into!! Thanks for inviting me! :)