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Are you baking with petroleum gas, propane and/or butane?

If you are using Pam cooking spray, you are not only adding petroleum gas, propane, and butane to whatever it is you are baking, but you are also inhaling those harmful gases.  And that is exactly why the same lawyers who sued Big Tobacco are now going after certain food companies.  Check out the article:

Do you see the connection?? People used to smoke cigarettes without ever knowing they were doing their bodies harm.  That is exactly what happens every single day when people choose fake foods because of the health claims made on their labels.
 Let's take a look at just 1 unhealthy ingredient found in thousands of food products.
Coal tar...does that sound healthy? What about the same petroleum that fuels your car?  You would never guess it by the name, but "articial colors" or "artificial dyes" fit both those descriptions.  But just because these 'artificial colors' (known carcinogens) make foods more appealing, they continue to be added to foods without adding any benefit to food other than aesthetics. Some foods that include this toxin are Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, Lunchables, Fruit Roll Ups, Cheetos, the list goes on and on and people are just not aware.
If you want to learn more about food dyes, the Center for Science in the Public Interest published this article summarizing the risks associated with consuming such a dangerous toxin.

Since I am the one who does the grocery shopping, I am going to make sure that Ben and I aren't knowingly putting petroleium gas or coal tar into our bodies.  Will you do the same for your family?

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