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Guilty pleasures

Guilty pleasures...I have a lot of them! We really try to eat healthy most of the time.  Ben likes to remind me that we do need a balance...and I do not mind finding that balance if it includes Indian food.
I grew up eating amazing, homemade Indian food on the weekends (and McDonalds, BK, Phil's Pizza, The Dugout's cheesedogs, White Castles, etc. during the week), so smelling curry powder, garam masala, and cumin when I walk into a building always takes me back to my childhood.  And makes me extremely hungry.
We have been looking for Indian restaurants in the area without success for quite some time now.  SO as you can imagine, I did not hesitate to buy a groupon a few weeks ago for Fusion when my happy little fingers came across it.  
The food was delicious! And yes, it was definitely a guilty pleasure as I am positive they do not use organic yogurt, organic spices, or hormone/antibiotic free/grass fed meat (I did opt for the veg. curry)..but we are allowed those every once in a while, right? 
My curry filled belly says YES! Or Delhi belly--as my sister likes to call it.  ;)
What are some of your guilty pleasures? Come on, I know you're not all perfect!!
perfect samosa

curry+naan+rice+lassi=pure joy

we try to eat only the desserts we make so we can control what is in it, but we could not help ourselves...would you be able to??


  1. you know i wouldn't be able to! that looks SO yummy! and i still need to try your curry. one day, when we all get back from surviving camp. ;)

    1. We need to get serious about this curry date! And I need to get serious about packing! Yikes!!!

  2. This dessert looks like a work of art so it can be culturally good for you!!!! Right?

    1. Agreed!! :) That's what we told ourselves, and they advertised it as being baked in 5 different temperatures, which we had never heard of! So we had to try it!