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December 1st


That is all.


Birthday Ball

Just in case any of you are still worried about the whole ATM fiasco, no need to worry, the ATM has been repaired, my money returned, and the culprit identified: two American dimes found their way into the machine somehow and jammed the coin counter. Anyways.

The 234th Marine Corps Birthday Ball was a blast! I normally work on Wednesday nights until 9:30, but my former Marine boss did not want me to miss out on the ball, so he covered a few classes and made sure that I was able to make it on time. Ben and I spent about an hour curling my hair (he caught on quickly with the curling iron and was able to curl the back of my head), only to decide that the finished product was frightening. With the help of Maki (school secretary), I ended up pulling my hair back into a cute bun and curling the bangs. The ceremony was really nice, dinner was delicious (I got the chicken and Ben the beef), and dancing was a lot of fun. We danced pretty late and then made it out in town to play a few games of pool. I had to teach a Houikien at 10 a.m. the following morning, so we couldn't stay out too late. I posted a bunch of pictures from the night on facebook, here is the link for those of you that haven't joined the book.

Yesterday (Sunday), one of Ben's friends (Rob) decided to come over and cook bourbon barbeque chicken, beans, cornbread, and his girlfriend baked a cake! It was a really delicious dinner and it was nice getting to know his girlfriend better, who was visiting from D.C. Ben and I cooked lasagna and apple pie for some of his friends two weeks ago, so Rob thought he would return the favor. How nice!

My boss still has not hired a replacement for Stephen, which means that we are all still helping to cover his class load. The office staff has been stressed out trying to find ways to make sure all of his classes are covered, and we are stressed out because we are all taking on extra classes and extra hours. Hopefully he makes a decision soon!

Tonight, Ben and I are hoping to go see This is it, it just depends on what time he can get off work...he might have to work late. Ben has also been stressed out at work, I can't describe exactly what is going on because I am terrible at the Marine Corps terminology, but I know he is leaving his platoon and taking on a new position that comes with a ton of new responsibilities, all while he is still planning for his big excercise in January-February in Thailand.

I can't believe I will be on American soil in 1 month and 1 week!!!!! I am so excited!!!!!

Hope everyone is doing well,




I spent about 45 minutes at the bank today just trying to deposit some money! The ATMs here are wonderful, they count your money and change, deposit the money for you into your account, and stamp your bank book with all of your transactions since the last stamp in the book.
Well, today, I think I put too many coins in the ATM and the teller had to come over and spend about 45 minutes fixing it! I am sure she was thinking "Damn American", and in the end, the problem did not get resolved! They have to call me back.....oops!!