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What Do You Do When Your Baby Won't Wake Up?

Take pictures of him and blog about it. Duh.
I talked about in this post how we have been dealing with the 30 minute intruder. Jack sometimes makes up for his short naps during the day with 1 long nap. During the first hour of this long nap I am very productive and grateful to get things done. The second hour I start to get lazy and catch up on blogs, facebook, etc. By the third hour, I start talking on the phone really loud, putting clothes away in his room, accidentally slamming the door, etc.
At two hours and 50 minutes into his long nap today he started to stir and I thought this is it, I can finally play with my boy, so I ran upstairs, threw open his door along with the blinds, and yelled, "Baby Jack! I've been waiting for you to wake up for SO long!!!" (Yes-I call him 'baby Jack' 90% of the time.)
He grunted a few times, shot his legs in the air, and then they slowly lowered back down to the crib while his head fell to the side and he passed back out.

Come on!!!


  1. haha! I guess you have to do something when he won't wake up, huh? ;) He's a cutie! I'd take pictures and blog about it too. For sure.

  2. I think you should savor each moment! :)

  3. Nicole, do you know how many moms and dads would love to have their baby take a 3 hour or more nap??? He obviously needs the sleep, and I am quite sure you could even get in a little nap yourself! Rejoice when he sleeps. Rejoice when he is awake. Have you brought him to church? He is adorable. Blessings to the 3 of you. Kaye

  4. Haha, I thought this was going to be a serious post about how to wake up a baby - love it :) Made me chuckle, so cute! xo

  5. *Sigh* He is cute! Maybe long naps equal growth spurt??

  6. um, wish my little one would learn to nap that well! way to go Jack! (and he's sleeping through the night too?!)