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Jumping Jack

He started smiling!!! This is the first one I've caught on film-but he has done quite a few big, open mouth smiles!
Ben and I have our own 'games' we play with Jack. Ben's games are his own and so are mine. For example, Jack and I sing this song (kind of more like a chant), "Baby Jack, Baby Jack, you don't wanna nap!" when he is starting to get fussy right before nap time. It's my 'let's try to extend play time' song. I swing his legs around when I sing it and make goofy faces at him. Anyways, he loves it. And it's our thing. Ben doesn't sing that song. Only I do. Get it?

So Ben has this game he plays with Jack called 'Jumping Jack!' where he sits Jack on his stomach and every time Jack pushes off with his legs Ben makes him fly into the air while saying "Jumping Jack!!!" It's really cute. Jack tries so hard to show his dad how strong he is- his arms start shaking, he gets this real serious look on his face, purses his lips and makes fists with his hands. It's adorable.

Well Ben had duty last night. And Jack begged for momma to play Jumping Jack with him.
How could I say no to those eyes!?


  1. awwww, such a cutie! And the name "Jack" does seem to lend nicely to such an awesome plethora of songs and chants. :D

  2. oh my gosh this is so sweet. love it. matt and i have our own little games too.


  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog today and "introducing" yourself. I am always looking to connect with other milspouse bloggers. I am now following along via GFC and Bloglovin. Your son is precious! I can't wait to read more!

  4. Oh my gosh, he is GORGEOUS!! I can't wait to read more from you - I have some catching up to do :) Hope you'll join us for Military Monday next week, I'd love to hear more about preparing for Jack :)