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1 Month: Lessons Learned

*8lbs 9oz (as of Aug 28)/ so close to smiling (smiles in his sleep or while feeding, but hasn't held eye contact and smiled simultaneously yet)/ so close to coo-ing (I keep telling myself that)/ loves being outside*
  • Prioritize naptime duties: No nap is guaranteed, so make sure to do what is most important on your to-do list during the first nap, i.e. shower if it's been a few days and you have an appointment later on...learned this one the hard way
  • Expectations are not a good thing: Just because the cute little man took 2 hour naps yesterday, if you expect him to do the same today you are going to be very confused/frustrated when he decides to only take 30 minute naps
  • Good burps don't mean a thing:Don't let that burp-that-was-almost-louder-than-your-husband's-burps trick you, there's still a good chance his entire breakfast will end up on your shirt, down your shirt, on your back, or on your comforter
  • The 45 minute intruder is NO joke:If you don't know what it is, lucky you and google it...if this nasty foe wouldn't leave your little one alone during daytime naps, did you have any successes dealing with it?
  • What worked today may not/probably won't work tomorrow:It's ok! Move on and try something else
  • As soon as you start getting cocky/confident, he will pull the rug right out from underneath you: Don't even go there, just don't
  • Having a supportive husband who gives you foot rubs during the middle-of-the-night feed on the weekend is truly something to be thankful for (now that I blogged about it does that mean it can become a regular occurrence Ben??)
  • Think you've had a hard day? Go ahead, look into those eyes and tell me if it doesn't turn into the best day you've ever every time


  1. has it already been one month already?! he is growing so fast, momma!

  2. One month of handsome-ness! Godd job learning these important lesons!

  3. still dealing with the 45 minute intruder 2.5 months in! it makes getting her on a sleep schedule i finally just embraced it and did things as quickly as i could while she was sleeping. Lux never takes 2 hours naps unless she's in my arms and I nursed her to sleep!

    cute bum genius diaper on him!:)

  4. Nicole...that picture?!?! Heart-breaker. so cute! seriously - you moms are my heros. Even a long working day does not seem that hard after reading posts like this! good job mama!