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Time To Clean!

I have wanted to make an all-purpose cleaner for a really long time. I think Ben also really wanted me to make one because he was the only one who cleaned the bathrooms during my first and second trimester. To be honest, I procrastinated doing so because there is just something about the toxic smell and blue color that comes from most bathroom cleaners that just shouts clean. I had come across a lot of other DIY cleaners that just didn't make me feel comfortable leaving my foaming gives-me-a-headache-every-time-I-use-it cleaner.
But then I found this one. And the ingredients seemed like a pretty clean combination. So I tried it out, and guess what?! It even had a strong, clean smell to it!!
I use this cleaner on the counters, sink, showers, toilets, and I love it! It leaves everything sparkling white and is even great on the grime on your shower tiles...just spray it on and let it sit for a few hours.

All Purpose Household Cleaner
found here

1 1/2 cups rubbing alcohol
1 1/2 cups hydrogen peroxide
2 tbsp liquid castile soap
3/4 tsp peppermint essential oil (adds extra antibacterial action!)

1. Mix everything together and shake well for each use!

All of these ingredients can be bought on Amazon or you should be able to find the liquid castile soap and essential oil at your local health foods store.

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