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5 quick things

Siblings. Aww, remember when Jack was still in my belly?!

5 things I'm happy about on this beautiful fall Friday:
  • Ben is home! Whether it's a night's duty or a 6 month deployment, separation is for the birds. Jack and I missed Ben last night while he was on duty and are happy to have him back home.
  • We have family visiting this weekend and they haven't met Jack yet. It's so fun seeing the people we love meet the boy we adore.
  • My little brother and sister are going to homecoming this weekend! And my brother has a date!! It's his senior year and his first school dance-pretty big deal! Matthew-I know you are going to be a gentleman and make your sisters proud. Melanie-make sure those two are dancing an arm's width apart. And knock 'em dead in those new heals! But seriously, no twerking. Don't even think about it.
  • Jack and I conquered the grocery store this week. I had been avoiding it ever since Ben went back to work. So many things to fear during that first grocery store trip. Will the car seat fit in the grocery cart? What if the kid starts screaming while I'm in the check-out line? Where do I put the groceries if the car seat is in the cart? Turns out Jack is a great shopper-he slept the whole time! 
  • It's Friday and the temperatures are finally dropping here in the south. Hope ya'll have a fabulous weekend!


  1. First I love your header, so beautiful.

    Glad your husband is home, my dad is retired army and I remember as a daughter him being gone being for the birds!

    have a great weekend!

  2. Your comment about twerking cracked me up. You tell 'em, girl! :)
    and seriously, Jack is the cutest. :)

  3. You & your siblings are ADORABLE! as well as your hubby & little guy! :)
    Happy Friday!!

  4. First time here. Jack is the cutest! And I'm with you on the separation. It all sucks.

  5. Haha I watched my 2 month old niece for a weekend once and I had to go to the grocery store, it was pretty intimidating but we managed thank goodness I only needed a few things

  6. You have the cutest blog! I love your header picture - it's beautiful! I STILL try make grocery store trips alone and my little one is almost 3. It's just easier. But it sounds like your trip went great! I remember those very same thoughts though. I remember the first time we went out to eat, just the three of us... our little boy did the same thing, he slept the whole time!

    Am following you back! :) Look forward to getting to know you better!


  7. Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog!! Love that sibling picture. You were one cute pregnant gal. :) And this weekend it finally felt like fall here in Ohio! Yay!

  8. This post makes me smile. I love your "big" family. I wish I had three sisters! I think. Haha. I'm glad your first shopping trip was a success. I still dread taking my children to the grocery store. Heck, I dislike going by myself!!

  9. Seriously even though duty is only a sucks!! I never sleep well when my husband is gone and I feel like the day drags on forever!!