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Maybe I'm a Little Selfish...

Happy Monday! I know most people dread Mondays, but to be honest, I get kinda giddy when I wake up Monday morning and realize I get to play with Jack all day and I don't have to share him. With anyone.
Selfish much??
Don't get me wrong, I love all of the extra time Jack gets to spend with Ben and that we get as a family on the weekends, along with the breaks I get here and there to go to the grocery store, shower without worrying that Jack is crying, etc. But then Monday morning comes, and he's ALL MINE!!!!!!
Here is what our weekend looked like.
I could really just stare at him allll day.

LOVE the weekends when Ben gets Jack in the morning and brings him in bed for snuggles....although Jack is usually STARVING so this doesn't last long.

Jack's second church service and he did SO great!

How was yours?

P.S. Be sure to check out Gratefully Inspired for my first ever guest post--it's on my pregnancy must have's!

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  1. Stayed tuned in to hear about all of MY special Daddy/Son time with Jack...

  2. those first two pictures are my favorite!!!!! so happy for you - and i can't wait to meet jack myself one day. :)

  3. you look so pretty in all these Nicole! Not many people make me want to be a mom but your posts definitely do! Bring on the babies! (Well...bring on the husband first...THEN bring on the babies)! :)

  4. you are rocking that wrap pretty mama! he is just too cute! love his expressions! and i need to have your outlook for mondays :)

  5. You look amazing btw. I think this far into life with my first child and I looked like a mad woman. And who couldn't just stare all day at something so precious!!

  6. I feel the exact same way about my gooseberry! I love staying at home with him all day and love that I don't have to share him with anyone! I pretty much do stare t him all day long :)

  7. I'm now following YOU:) Jack is precious - congratulations!!

    1. And I could totally see being excited to have him to yourself. Seems perfectly normal, not selfish at all :)

  8. ummmm i so agree with this. i see mondays in a whole new light!!