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Pregnancy Update--3 weeks to go!

Taken at 35 weeks by Starla
How Far Along: 37 weeks yesterday! Jack can come anytime in the next 3-5 weeks!

Size of Baby: Jack is the size of a bunch of swiss chard--that's the best babycenter can give me! He is about 19 inches from head to toe and weighs about 6 pounds.

Maternity Clothes: Only a handful of my maternity clothes still fit--shorts/pants are getting very uncomfortable and the shirts don't cover the entire belly anymore! 

Stretch Marks: Still don't have any--have been using coconut oil and my handmade lotion bars (post coming soon on these) after every time I shower. I have heard that sometimes women get them in the last few days or even after having the baby--either way, I will be okay if they suddenly appear! Not too worried about them...
Sleep: I am still enjoying my sleep! Getting in/out of bed is becoming a little more difficult, and moving around in bed is pretty much out of the question. The only thing interrupting my sleep as of now are trips to the bathroom.

Best Moment of the Week/Past Month:  Getting to hear Jack's heartbeat (and see the look on Ben's face) is definitely the best part of the week! Still amazes me that there is a living human being growing inside of me!!

Movement:  Jack is so low that every movement feels like he is squeezing my bladder. I've seen limbs stick out of my belly at least an inch or so--but still haven't been able to make out a hand or a foot....patiently waiting for that! 

Cravings: ICE CREAM! Ben is really happy about this one--I used to never be a big ice-cream person, but it seems like I can't get enough at this point!!

Belly Button In or Out: Out!! So far out! I was wearing a band-aid every day to work to cover it, but I am now just displaying it proudly due to laziness/not caring anymore.

Wedding Ring on or Off: On--the only swelling I've experienced so far has been in my ankles/feet. 

Anything Making You Queasy or Sick: All of my food aversions have disappeared--although the 'getting sick' part has randomly appeared a time or two in this last trimester. 

What I Miss: Not feeling like I have to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes! 

What I am Looking Forward to: Meeting Jack!!! Seeing Ben as a dad. 

Labor Signs: If Braxton Hicks contractions count--then yes! Have been having them like crazy the past month or so--although I've noticed they do slow down when I am consciously drinking water non-stop all day.

Nursery: Organized and clothes cleaned! 

Emotions:  Feeling more and more 'ready' with each passing day! Still very nervous/anxious about labor--not knowing what to expect is the worst part. Getting the nursery ready and all of Jack's things organized has helped me feel ready to meet him.

Thank you Gratefully Inspired  for the post idea!


  1. love your sweet post girl! so glad I could give you some inspiration! both of our little babes will be here SO SOON! xox

    1. It's so crazy to think they can come ANY DAY!

  2. Awh you're absolutely precious!

  3. yay nicole you are almost there! you are looking gorgeous in that dress for sure!

    1. Thanks Meg!! So excited for ya'll!! And can't wait to see some adorable pics when your belly starts to pop!

  4. You look great and this must be such an exiting time for you!

  5. Pretty pregnant lady! :) I love the pic idea/scene, too. I also enjoyed reading your update-it's really exciting that you are 37 weeks along now (in a way it seems like time has gone by so fast). Can't wait to hear about Jack's arrival and the baby stories. Praying for your upcoming delivery...God will be there and will help you through it.