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Out of town.

I'm home (Chicago) for the week and don't have any recipes to share, any tips about healthy eating, or any cute pictures.  Yet.
However, I do have a picture from my phone (not an iphone) of this amazingly cheesy, deliciously wonderful pizza.  It's the one I have dreams about.  It's also the one that I was referring to when I answered, "Chicago pizza" while living in Japan and asked what was the 1 thing I missed most about home.  Oops, sorry family and friends!!!
Side note: The fact that there is a Giordano's box and McDonald's bag side-by-side on our kitchen table is nothing unusual.

Double side note: Here is a conversation I had with my 17 year old brother, who was only half paying attention to me because he's playing Battlefield 3 on xbox 360:
Me: Matt, what kinds of food do you find in the fridge from fast food places on most days?
Matt: Um, I don't know, meat.
Me: Meat? What kind of meat?
Matt: BEEF
Me: What?! I'm talking about fast food places.
Matt: Oh! In our fridge? Oh um, chicken nuggets from McDonalds, hotdogs from the Dugout, Oh a headshot! This guy is so good with knifing, burgers from Les Brothers, I find a lot of salads from McDonalds in there. Ha my friend joined the game and I'm wrecking him, he only has 8 kills.  I have 70 kills.  He should be ashamed.

On that note.


  1. oh, man! i miss me some Chicago pizza! enjoy it for me. :)

    1. I have been enjoying it....all week!! We are going to need to do some early morning spin classes when I get back!