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This past weekend flew by.  
There are these beautiful church ruins near Beaufort that always make the list of places to bring visitors.  Sam (family/friend/both) visited for about a week and we were sure to check out the ruins.  The grounds are so beautiful and magical--the type of place where you can just imagine what it looked like in the 18th century, what the people wore, and how they talked.

Junior Service League of Beaufort had their annual Halloween bash Friday evening and lucky King Caesar was able to have two Cleopatra's as his date!

toughest/most handsomest King to ever rule!!
On Saturday, the youth group leaders and teens (girls) all took a trip to the local pumpkin patch. I wasn't expecting much, really I wasn't....but seriously--4 rotted pumpkins, a mini-pony (?!), a chicken coop and a couple of donkeys?! I know we're not in Chicaaago anymore, but honestly I would think that the country would have events like this figured out.  Even more so than city people.  
Even though there weren't any haunted houses, corn mazes, hay rides, pumpkin fields, funny cardboard figure things were you stick your head through the cut out and take pictures where you look like a weirdo ...we still had a blast! 
Turns out all we needed was a pile of hay and some chocolate pie. 
Thanks Ilene for the pictures!
love these crazy girls
the pumpkin patch
one of the best chocolate pies I've ever had

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