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Girls' weekend--plus Ben

Two weekends ago, Ben and I drove to Atlanta for a fun weekend with family...ok, ok, it was a girls' weekend--but we insisted that Ben come so he could see everyone that lives so far!  
We had such a fun time picking apples, going on a picnic, playing with our nephew at the fall festival, and just visiting with each other.
Here are some pictures from our fun trip.
so much fun with Aunt Bek

love this pic

David's favorite attraction at the festival was the giant black truck

still amazed that my awesome friend is now my sister

nanna is definitely his favorite apple picking buddy--sorry Ben!!

The trip totally put me in the Fall spirit--and it's finally in the mid 70's here! So bring on the Pinterest projects, it's time to get serious.  Some friends of mine and I decided to choose a fall wreath that we can make together, over video chat.  :)
So what do you guys think? These are some of my fave...which one should we make?!  Wreath #1, #2, or #3 ?

wreath #1
Source: via Nicole on Pinterest
wreath #2
wreath #3
Source: via Nicole on Pinterest


  1. I like #1 but they are all great for Fall!

  2. Love the Nana "apple picking" picture Nikki. Thanks for sharing this fun weekend! Glad Ben got voted in to make the weekend even though it took him a whole week to get over it! Haha

  3. my vote is #3! and loving the pictures from your vacation, friend!

  4. First of all, you look GORGEOUS in your wedding dress!
    Also, I vote #1 or #3. Love the rustic look of #1, but the color of #3. You can't go wrong. Also, what a cute idea to share with friends. So fun! Did a similar girls weekend myself a few weeks ago. It's become an annual tradition! Nothing replaces girl time. Glad Ben got in on the fun too :-)
    (Here's the girl time post + one of my fave fall recipes if you are interested!)