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Draft mode.

I have one post that is still in draft mode.  It's dated May 05th, 2010.  I think I'm going to try to finish it this week.

Big News. 
If you haven't heard, BEN AND I ARE ENGAGED!!  Here's the story. 
Vacation.  Ben and I finally had some time off together. Last week was "Golden Week", a Japanese holiday that lasts 3-4 days long.We started the holiday by going camping on Zamami Island.  Just another camping trip.

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The ferry ride to the island was a bit crowded, and the man taking tickets wanted us to leave our bags so they could be put in the cargo area.  I had no idea why this made Ben so nervous.  I had no idea why he kept craning his neck to see his bag and then finally was so insistent on getting me a blanket out of his bag. It did not enter my mind that maybe there was something *else* he couldn't leave in his bad unsupervised.  Just another ferry ride.
When we got to the island, Ben and I saw a few buses with people holding up signs standing in front of them.  We did not reserve any transportation, so instead, we found a map, asked a few people "Camping wa doko desuka??" and started walking towards the campground (or what we hoped was the campground).  After making it over a giant hill, we finally saw a beach, lots of trees, and tents.  

We (Ben) set up the tent and started walking towards the town.  There's only 1 town on the island.  It took about 20 minutes 

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