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When I Say I'm Not Crafty...I Mean It

Can you tell how much he loves my kisses?!

You know those people who say things like:
  • "I did horrible on that test." But then they get an A+
  • "I really didn't train at all for this race. I'm going to run so slow." But then they run 6 minute miles.
  • "I don't really have many friends." But then they know every third person you pass on the street by name and even people driving by are honking and waving. (Colleen)
Ok, you get the point. Humble, modest, call it what you want, let's just say I'm not one of those people.
So when I say that I'm really not a 'crafty' person, you can believe me. It always takes me twice as long as it is supposed to, and it never really looks quite as nice as the picture. Last year, I attempted to make a fall wreath with a bestie who lives far away. I wanted it to look something like this...
Yarn and felt #Fall #Wreath. via Etsy
via Pinterest
Well hers turned out beautifully, and mine....mine stayed wrapped in brown yarn all fall (without any cute felt flowers) and wound up in the recycle bin by Christmas. And it took me a really long time to wrap that darn wreath with all that yarn. A really long time.
Well this past weekend, I went to a 'wreath making get together' at this super crafty new friend's house. Her house is absolutely beautiful-one of those homes that makes you want to get cozy on the couch and watch Christmas movies while sipping hot cocoa.
Anyways, I had such a great time meeting new friends and getting my craft on. She had yummy fall treats-maple oat scones, pumpkin yogurt parfait, and homemade pumpkin spice lattes.
I am pretty happy with how my wreath turned out-even with the few bare spots and the not so evenly distributed burlap.
I have to finish doing the chalk plaque that I will try to hang in the center, and then hopefully I'll be posting a picture sometime this week!

Ben and I also went to a friend's wedding celebration over the weekend. It was a beautiful evening and Jack was such a good boy all night. He stayed up way past his bedtime and we couldn't believe he didn't fuss at all-guess this boy is a partier!
He was even sweet when he went to bed and just kept smiling at me and Ben. That definitely doesn't happen all the time! Or ever!


  1. Can't wait to see how your wreath turned out! What a fun night!

  2. Yay! It was fun :) You are welcome to come plop on my couch and watch a Christmas movie and sip hot choc anytime! So happy to make a new friend and that is one precious babe you have there!

  3. I feel that way too when I go to Monica's! I'm so not crafty AT ALL so I know how you feel! Can't wait to see how it turns out! -AmandaH.

  4. I feel that way too when I go to Monica's! I'm so not crafty AT ALL so I know how you feel! Can't wait to see how it turns out! -AmandaH.

  5. TOTALLY relate! I am the same way with cooking. I can literally follow the recipe to the teaspoon and it tastes like junk! You looked beautiful at the wedding!