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What date night looks like at 11 weeks..

Remember this post? Remember how excited I was about date night? 
Well now that ya'll know about the plum sized baby growing in my belly, I would like to share a little insight on what date night looks like when you're 11 weeks pregnant.
Wake up to the alarm going off and Ben talking to my belly (apologizing for my awkwardness--promising that I "will get better"), to which I respond, "why are you talking to my belly?!" 
We both get ready for work, I start my morning routine of "how many times am I going to reapply my makeup this morning" because of unrelenting morning sickness.  My body finally decides that there is nothing left--nope, no nutrients from breakfast were absorbed--not even any more neon colors (TMI?) that look like a bright green gatorade I drank 4 years ago, and I can finally reapply my makeup for the last time.  I type up a quick "date-night" blog post, get excited about finally doing something other than sleeping on a Friday night, and head out the door to work.

Fast forward 8 hours, I head home from another fabulous day of serving those who serve our country, and prepare/await for Ben to come home and a night on the town.
As feelings of nausea and exhaustion start creeping into my body, I finally get the call that Ben is on his way home, a little later than expected, and I convince myself that I have the energy for date night!
By the time Ben walks in the door, I'm already curled up in a ball with a blanket on the couch.  I look at Ben with big, sad eyes and say, "I'm so sorry I don't think I'm going to make it out of the house for date night.  But maybe we can get pizza and just watch a movie?" Of course Ben understands, and he calls the only semi-decent pizza place we know of in the area to ask if they can custom make a bbq chicken pizza, the only thing in my mind that will make me feel better.  They can! And they will! So right before Ben heads out, I get another idea--what if the coffee shop downtown is by chance also selling my favorite veggie sandwich--then I could have a few pieces of pizza and half of the sandwich and everything in the world would be okay again.  He calls, and they do have my sandwich, so off Ben goes to save the day and be my hero, yet again.
About 45 minutes later, Ben returns home with the two things that I know will finally make me feel better.  He walks into the kitchen and immedately says, "Babe--do not come in here" which I reply, "Are there onions?!" Turns out it was worse.  The pizza was covered in bacon bits.  Covered! 
Okay now this is where it gets weird.
The disappointment is too much for me to handle and the tears won't stop coming.  Ben runs in the room to comfort me, and through my blubbering I manage to cry, "I just wanted bbq chicken pizza!!!"  So Ben offers to heat up the veggie sandwich from the coffee shop and I stifle my tears and thank him.  One bite into the sandwich, just as I can start to feel my hunger pains going away, we remember that the Dr. mentioned pregnant women need to stay away from soft cheese.  My favorite part of this sandwich is the goat cheese smeared all over the bread.
Aaannnd the tears come back!! As I'm crying "What am I supposed to eat now?!" Ben is frantically googling whether or not I can eat goat cheese, and since we were unsure of whether or not it was made with pasteurized milk, we decide I should stay away from it.  At this point I really believe I might die of starvation.  I decide that cereal will have to do for my Friday night date-night meal, and Ben gladly makes me a big bowl of cereal.  

And that, folks, is how this pregnant momma-to-be had an emotional breakdown over bacon bits on a bbq chicken pizza.

I should say that since then, which is exactly 1 week ago, Ben has made 3 homemade bbq chicken pizzas for me. With homemade bbq sauce.  And tons of cilantro.  Just the way I like it.
My camera phone does not do this pizza justice!


  1. that pizza looks great! Have an amazing weekend and hope that you are feeling okay!


  2. I just checked out your post because you linked it on WTE....hilarious! Thanks. It made me feel a little less crazy...I'm the one who cried at Applebees ;)

  3. you are ridiculous - and i miss you, my craaaazy friend!