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Snow in the slooooww country.

Some people call it the deep south.  The palmetto state.  The swamp state. Others call it the lowcountry.  I like the slllooooww country. Anyways.
Ok, so it's not snowing here.  And it probably won't.  And we went home to Chicago for Christmas last year and didn't see snow.  And we didn't see snow for the two years we lived in Okinawa before that.  But it is snowing in my nativity scene and awesome village that we just acquired from Ben's mom (I knooow, not only did she bring the turkey and make a bunch of food for Thanksgiving, but she also handed over her amazing village collection...jealous, much?!)...turns out setting out the village and choosing exactly where each piece goes has always been more of Ben's thing growing up than his sisters--this is no joke, he gave me the 'don't you dare' look when I started moving around his pieces.

I don't even care that this snow is only visible in these pictures and not in real life.  They still give me hope that when I look up from the computer and out the window, I may see a flurry or two.  Or maybe a bunch of flurries and a snowman and snow filled trees!!
'Tis the season to dream of snow!

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