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Can someone please tell Ben where to find the light bulb?

Just a few things:
  • I've been really really busy.  Like leave the house at 6:45 in the morning and come home at 9pm kind of busy.
  • I'm so excited to get to go to our fourth Marine Corps Birthday Ball this weekend! The only one we've missed so far was when Ben was in Iraq.
  • Ben and I split up the shopping list to get in and out of the grocery store as quick as possible at 8pm the other night after we both had long days at work.  I gave him the veggies and I took the rest....keep in mind that we are madly in love with our juicer....the poor man comes out of the produce section looking flustered and like he wasn't sure which way was up anymore.  He walks up to me and says, and I quote "I found the kale, the beets, the carrots, the red-leaf lettuce, the lemons, (list goes on and on), but I could not find the light bulb."  I think this is when a southern person would say, "Bless his heart."
  • I opened the freezer the other day to find my stack of post-it notes.
  • We were able to watch the Veteran's Day parade from our corner this year, in our pajamas.
  • I graduate from training tomorrow! There is a graduation!!
Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!!


  1. did you catch my dad? he was marching in the parade! we watch him march it every year! so fun that you got to watch it in your pjs!

    1. No--we didn't even realize there was a parade until we started hearing drums, so we ran outside and missed the majority of the beginning!! It must be a very proud moment to see your dad marching in the parade! :)

  2. Going to the ball this weekend, too (ours is in Wilmington)! Super excited... haven't been since 2009 because of deployments. Hope y'all have a blast :) :)