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Oiiiishi kata weekend

Not exactly sure what that title means, but I do know that while we lived in Okinawa, if we said "oishi kata" after a meal, it meant 'it was delicious'!
Ya'll (I know, I'm so southern now..), we had such a great weekend here at the Shea household. 
I went to our church's 'Fall Tea' on Friday evening, and it was so fun to dress up and get togeher with the ladies.  The room was really cute with all the Fall decorations--made me want to start some Pinterest projects asap!  Our pastor's wife delivered the main message.  She is an amazing woman with a strong desire for encouraging women of all ages and calling them back to obey what they say they believe.  Memorable quote from the night: It takes no effort to drift with the culture, but it takes every effort through the Holy Spirit to stay on the shore.
Saturday we spent most of the day prepping for something I have been looking forward to for months...curry night!!  It was sooooo good and the blend of flavors was exactly what I needed to fill my craving.  Our amazing curry and naan was accompied by our really great friends--what more could a girl ask for!?
Today we were still in the curry mood, so we stopped at a Vietnamese restaurant and had some of their curry.  Delicious weekend!
How was your weekend??

Here are some food pictures from the weekend--promise to share recipes soon!

Still loving our juicer.

quinoa/guacamole tacos

guacamole grilled cheese
curry, naan, rice, and mango lassi in the wine glasses