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6 Months: Lessons Learned

 *17 pounds, constantly drooling, spitting, and blowing his lips, not liking food, can roll anywhere but would always rather be upright, laughs really hard when you pretend to walk away but turn around quickly to come back, momma's boy*

Jack turned 6 month on February 08th, here are the lessons we've learned:

  • Sneaking sweet potato puree in Jack's mouth while he's crying (because he doesn't want it) isn't a good idea...he has learned how to push things out of his mouth with his tongue.
  • Watching Jack laugh in the swing at the park was such a bittersweet moment...he's getting so big! He's getting so big.
  • Do not put anything in arm's reach of Jack that you would not want either on the floor or in his mouth. Including the cat's tail.
  • Realizing that I can clean while Jack is awake by putting him in the Moby or Ergo (he does not like to be left alone....ever) has been such a lifesaver. I was starting to worry that Ben might evict me.

What did I blog about before I had Jack?? And multiple posts in a week!? Was that life even real?


  1. He's such a cute boy! and big! (He's 2 1/2 months younger than lux but is almost bigger than her! Wish we could be real life friends so our kiddos could play!

  2. i can't handle that last picture. hysterical. love and miss you guys!