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And so it begins.

11:39 am- I set Jack in his jumper so I could make my lunch in the kitchen.
11:44 am- I'm reheating last night's leftovers when I hear Jack doing a weird cough I haven't heard before.
11:44 and 30 seconds-I walk over to Jack as he continues to cough. Awww baby, are you ok?  I pick Jack up.

He immediately stops coughing, looks at me, and smiles.


  1. LOL! Sucker! ;) Just kidding...but, he sure did get you...although, if you two are anything like me and my little guy, he probably has "had" you since day 1. :D I'm told that we can't spoil our babies, but I feel like I've done so in his 3 months of life. (sigh) I love, love, love my little guy. Glad that Jack is "okay" (hehe) smart at such a young age (I'm finding that out with Nolan too, lol). Love from us three to you three. <3

  2. hahahahahahaha oh he knows how to play you now.......

  3. hehe he is too cute and already has a sense of humor doesn't he? ;)