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I am still hoping that one day I'll wake up and just start speaking Japanese, but I don't know if it will happen that way.
Do I really have to study?!

The new phrase I learned is: "Ita-daki-mas". I is pronounced 'ee'.
You say this phrase before you start eating food that someone has placed in front of you, usually the person who puts down the plate will say "Dozo", which is a really polite way of saying "Please, go ahead", and in response, the receiver says "Ita-daki-mas", while putting your hands together, as in prayer, and slightly bowing your head.
Feel free to try this next time you go out to eat at a Japanese restaurant, the servers will love it! And after you are finished eating, say "Gotchi-so-somma-deshta", which is super polite, and means "Thank you for the meal", or something along those lines.

See people, learning Japanese is easy, right?!

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