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IE Island

Hello! Ben and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary by visiting IE Island last weekend and staying at a nice resort. We took a 30 minute ferry ride from a port near his apartment to the island and the resort picked us up from the IE port. We rented bicycles once we checked out our place and explored the island. IE is a fairly small island that is known for it's production of peanuts...the island is even shaped like one! We climbed Mt. Gusuku and were able to see the entire island from the was a pretty spectacular view! We had an amazing dinner at the resort that night, and also a great breakfast the next morning. We didn't swim in the ocean because the weather was kind of cool, but we did put in some time in the jacuzzi and Ben put in quality time in the sauna while I used the massage chair. It was a very nice, relaxing, short trip. I posted some picture on facebook of the vacation, here is the link:

Ben left for Thailand on Sunday and was suppose to be home on Halloween..we were planning on going to his friend's Halloween party. But now it looks like he won't be home until the 1st of November, so I might just go to the party with Maki (secretary at my school) and her fiance.

I heard some pretty crazy news the other day: Thomas, my boss from the country club, no longer works at the country club!! I never thought I would see the day!
So Thomas, for your shout outs to me in the employee e-mails, here is my shout out to you, in my blog: Lincolnshire will never see a greater food and beverage manager than you! You knew how to keep your employees happy, and truly knew how to teach us. I cannot look back at my college years and not think of LFCC, it was such a huge part of my time at UofI! I may have dreaded working, as any college kid would, but I knew that all of my friends would be there, including my boss, and the thought of the countless amounts of essays that were probably due the following week could be forgotten about while I was working. We were such a huge, dysfunctional, Lincolnshire family, and we have you to thank for bringing us together. I met some of my closest friends there, and even have Lincolshire to thank for bringing me and Ben together! Who knows where I would be right now if I didn't work at Lincolnshire....
I hope you always keep the "Best Boss of the Year" award, but it should really say "Best Boss of a Lifetime"! I can't wait to find out what is next for Thomas Wilsey and Sidney, so you better keep me posted!
"Now you're gone, I realize your love for your employees was strong, but we miss you there and now you're gone..."
Hahahaha I really hope you read my blog, Thomas.

That's all for now,


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  1. It was some of the best times of my life. Thank you Ms. Chhokar. If I ever get down on myself I always think of you, Rebekah and I's first night of hanging out when you said "I'm just a really big fan of me." I thought "I don't know this girl yet, but I know I like her." I think we should all be big fans of ourselves! Thanks for so many great memories. Sidney is glad I am home!