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2 years

first look--Mark Romine Photography

If you read Ben's post for our anniversary, you know that I am a very blessed girl. Leave it to God to give me someone even better than I could have dreamt up to spend my life with. 
I really can't believe it's been two years--part of me feels like I have been with him forever, but then another part feels like this special day was just yesterday: (our wedding highlight video)

I am not sure how it keeps happening, but it seems like I find myself loving Ben more and more at every turn we make.
As if I didn't have enough reasons to love Ben with every ounce of my being, just this last week of parenthood has given me countless more:
  • he was the best labor chips on demand, back rubs almost constantly, cold rags without asking for them, words of encouragement at the exact moments I needed them, he caught me when I passed out, he did not rest at all through the entire 32 hours of labor (I actually slept a few hours here and there)
  • he has fed me breakfast every morning during the sunrise nurse session with Jack
  • he has made 50+ trips up and down the stairs a day to do laundry, cook, clean, and bring me things as I have been living upstairs
  • he has changed 90% of the diapers
  • the love he has for our son radiates through him
  • he's already teaching Jack lessons about putting women first and the importance of being a gentleman
  • I came out of the shower and found him passed out like this:

And it's only week 1!!!
Happy Anniversary, I love you Ben.


  1. You, my dear, are ONE blessed woman. I am so happy for you!!!!!

  2. AWWWW! (Is the first thing that comes to mind when reading this.) So much love...and, so many blessings from God. It's wonderful! :)

  3. What a great husband! I think mine could learn a thing or two from Ben... ;)
    Congrats on two years! Our two year anniversary is Sept. 2nd; I can't believe how close our weddings were and how close our babies were born to each other, crazy!

  4. It gets easier every day! Hang in there new mama and papa!

  5. that picture is adorable! happy anniversary to you guys! ya'll make such a cute couple! :)