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Ben and I had a very delicious Thanksgiving dinner. We cooked a turkey, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, sausage/cream cheese/cranberries/walnuts/pickles roll-ups, and warm apple/banana bread.
My students knew little to nothing about Thanksgiving. I tried to teach them about it all week, and I feel confident that I at least left them with the knowledge that it is important to remind yourself what you have to be thankful for. I had my junior high/high school students tell 3 people specific reasons why they were thankful for them and then write about it. Most of them chose to tell 3 of their family members, some chose to tell their friends, and a few decided to tell me that they were thankful I am here to teach them English! One of my high school students, Yoshino, took a different approach to the assignment...

Me: Yoshino, whom are you thankful for?
Yoshino: I am thankful for my parents and my sister.
Me: Why are you thankful for them?
Yoshino: I am thankful for my mother because she cooks for me, I am thankful for my father because he works for me, and I am thankful for my sister because she helps me with math.
Me: Did you tell them all of this?
Yoshino: Yes.
Me: And what did they say?
Yoshino: Nothing.
Me: Why not??
Yoshino: They don't speak English! I thought we were suppose to tell them in English...

Well, at least she had the right intentions. She decided to tell them again, but this time in Japanese.

I looked at the weather for Chicago today, and it says that it's 19 degrees, windy, and there is light snow! Yuck! It's 79 degrees here and sunny! :)
It's hard to believe that I only have to teach for 9 more days before I come home!! I usually procrastinate packing until the day before a trip or even the day of....but I won't be able to do that this time because Ben is insisting that I don't check any luggage, I am pretty sure I have Dennis to thank for this! So I am going to have to do some strategic packing, and really plan out my outfits, instead of throwing everything that I might have a possibility of needing into two big suitcases.

Well, time to get ready for class...after today, I have only 8 more days of teaching before vacation!! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and that they were reminded of what/whom they have to be thankful. I also hope that everyone is keeping warm in this December weather, I know I am. ;)
Sarah, can you believe it...only 19 more days until your wedding?!


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