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I'm Sorry Ben!!

Look at my baby. Isn't he the cutest?!

I should start off by saying I love my husband. I really do.
I feel a little bad that while Ben is upstairs snoozing away, little does he know that I am downstairs blogging on my new Feel soooo bad about taking his name out of the blog address! But I swear, I can explain!!

A few months back, I kept getting emails from blogger that my domain was up for renewal at the end of October, and I kept ignoring those emails. You know how you ignore those things that you know you have to do but you aren't sure how to do them? Yea. That's what I did. Oops. So my domain expired, but I was sure there was some way I could re-activate it. I'm not the most tech savvy person there is, but I try. For some reason though, I could not figure it out on blogger's website for the life of me-and I don't know how many of you have ever tried to find a customer service phone # for blogger, but I swear it doesn't exist!!
I never felt the pressure to get this issue resolved, because for some strange reason, I was still able to blog, post, and access my site. Until a couple of days ago. Things got weird. Real weird. I could access my blog through blogger, but anytime I typed in my old address "", it brought me to an error page with advertisements for, a host website.
They had a nice and bright "24/7 customer support" number on the ad, so I figured I would call, since at least someone wanted to help me! And you guys, I promise this isn't a paid ad for godaddy or anything like that, but seriously their customer support was awesome and they informed me that somebody bought my '' on December 5th!!! What the heck?! Apparently there are people out there who wait for domains to expire so they can buy them and hope that the original author will pay lots of money to get it back.
Well not this girl, you crazy person whoever you are!! I just decided to kick my hubby off the blog name (sorry Ben!) and now I'm back up and running.

And Ben, if you're upset, just look at how cute this baby is. Makes everything better, right??


  1. that same thing happened to one of my friends - it's so annoying and just weird. people have too much time on their hands. but hey, loving the new blog name, too! :) and ooooh baby jack is just getting too big way too fast. he is so cute!

  2. soooooo glad youre back up and running!! and holy cow jack is adorrrrrrrrrable!!

  3. He's adorable! Welcome back! And boo on whoever did such a thing as buy your domain!